Guide to a week in Tokyo

Japan is almost endlessly fascinating as so little of what you experience being familiar. The Japanese have a different approach that is evident in all your small interactions. From the service culture you experience daily to the amazing attention to detail of their craftsmen, there is much to love about Japan. Of all the dining experiences we had, we would recommend Rakushokusha Maru, the endearingly named Beard with food as eclectic as the chef, but the ultimate for us was the three Michelin-starred sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro where 89 year-old Jiro is still hand-making each piece. Just like the city itself, when talking about Tokyo, the challenge is where to start, so here are a few of our favourite things from a week in Tokyo.

Food and drinks: Switch Coffee, Omotosando Koffee and About Life Coffee, The Roaster by Nozy Coffee, Rakushokusha Maru, Sukiyabashi JiroKurosawa, 356B, Beard

Attractions: Tokyo Skytree, Imperial Palace, Robot Restaurant

Shopping: The Real McCoy’s, Postalco, Mackintosh, Graphpaper

Accomodation: Capitol Tokyu

Side trip: Kamakura with The Great Buddha, Bills and The Good Goodies

Tokyo KurosawaTokyo Switch CoffeeReal McCoys denim shirtTokyo Robot Restaurant Dancers

Our Rating

8 Food

7 Coffee

9 Shopping

8 Transport

9 Attention to detail

9 Courtesy of Tokyoites

9 Contribution to Better Living