Hiking the Dragon’s Back Trail, Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be mistaken for offering nothing other than a bustling financial centre with good food, architecture and shopping. This is a mistake, as there is much more to Hong Kong that time-starved visitors often miss out on. On this trip, we were determined to see some of these other offerings, in particular hiking one of Hong Kong’s many mountain trails.

As it was our first hike, we stayed on the island taking the MTR to the final stop before boarding a bus towards Shek O. Our destination was to be the Dragon’s Back trail, named for its undulating ridge line. This trail is a 3 hour walk along the ridge taking in views on either side including the strangely Mediterranean architecture on one side, with Shek O and Big Wave Beach on the other. Curious to explore Hong Kong’s answer to Bondi Beach, we extended our walk another hour to Big Wave Beach with a view to surfing the break. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a nice looking beach, however, the two foot close outs and pollution put paid to that idea.

Hiking in Hong Kong is a crowded affair with people all along the trail. This means being forced to relax and go at the pace of the slowest person. It is interesting to hike in this way, quite different to the open spaces of New Zealand or California. While not worth travelling to Hong Kong to hike, if you’re there, it provides a great break from the city centre.