Phillip & Lea, Trentham

The Victorian town of Trentham is home to one of the most charming garden and cooking implement retail establishments I have ever seen. Beautifully presented, Phillip & Lea is full of well-healed customers choosing from a wide variety of brands including Far Holland oven mitts, Lodge skillets, Feuerhand storm lanterns, Opinel knives, Simplex Kettles and Nutscene twine. A must on any trip to this part of the country, Phillip & Lea offers—in their own words—’implements and tools for the aspiring and dedicated cook, gardener, hunter and forager, baker and patissier, charcutier and salumi maker and preserver‘. Lovely.

Address: 26 High Street, Trentham | Web:

Our Rating

8 Range of goods for sale

8 Charm (atmosphere)

8 Contribution to Better Living