Style Rider, Ash Ivory – Triumph Street Scrambler

Style Rider focuses on the intersection of motorcycle culture and individual style. Here we speak to Triumph Street Scrambler rider and host of the Brisbane DGR, Ash Ivory. Ash’s workwear inspired style comprises dark colours, quality basics and statement pieces. This approach is both practical and stylish, looking good at work or socially after arriving on a motorcycle.

Name: Ash Ivory

Residence: Brisbane, Australia

Occupation: Head of Product (software)


Today’s ride: 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler. The modifications include various Motone Customs Parts, an Arton Works Heat Shield, Triumph side bag and Triumph high front mud guard. All parts were ‘bolt on’, requiring no special bike building expertises and enabling me to personalise my ride.

Describe your style: This is hard. I feel compelled to give you one word … but I really can’t. I dress for the occasion which means most days I ride to work in jeans or pants, a simple tee and if it’s cold, a nice sweat or a worker style jacket. I love to layer especially in when it gets a little cooler. We don’t really have winter here in Brisbane, but I’m usually colder than most people so layers work.

Neutral colours are great as I tend to build my look almost like a uniform. I love navy, utilitarian greens, blacks and whites and tans, often getting items in a few different colours that all go together. Quality basics from places like AS Colour and Uniqlo pair well with statement pieces. If I had to put a vague theme to it, I would say I’m really taking notes from ‘Japanese workwear’ trends.

Favourite items: I have a Casio A168 that I wear almost everyday. It was under $100 and I love it. I’m usually wearing a 5 panel cap from AS Colour too. On the bike, my Tread Well grey vest is heavy and warm, fitting over anything for an extra layer. In the cooler months I wear a waxed canvas jacket from Merlin; I have the Ashley but their whole range is amazing. In the summer, my Gullinbursti hoodie takes armour and is also Kevlar lined; it helps a lot with the heat but also means you have protection.

Next purchase: On the bike I’m looking at a new Merlin jacket for winter. My current one has lasted me 5 years. Off the bike I’m eyeing off a Kith long sleeve t-shirt.

Style inspiration: Minimal, simple, timeless. My Mum was a dress maker and always talked about the difference between fashion and style. As I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to keep a balance between new trends and good quality pieces.

Best local ride: I love to do a mountain loop outside Brisbane from time to time. Clear mountain is beautiful.

Best distance ride: I’ve ridden in San Francisco, all through the city and out into some of the forrest areas; I assume that qualifies as distance in many ways 😊.

Tip for stylish motorcycling: If you’ve got a jacket you love but it wasn’t designed for motorcycling, an Armoires under jacket that zips up is a clever way to ride.

Tip for best looking safe riding gear: There are a few go to brands for this. Two of my favourites are Merlin for jackets and Tobacco Motorwear for jeans.

Next motorcycle trip: I ride every day to and from work which means I get a pretty decent motorcycle fix! My wife Jen and I have been wanting to do a ride around Tasmania and this will probably be next.

Why do you like riding? I’ve always loved being on the back of my Dad’s bike. He rode all of my life and riding was a positive thing in our house. Once I got my own bike, riding became part of my routine. It helps me clear my mind, it’s far more enjoyable than sitting in a car in peak hour traffic and it’s been a way to connect with so many amazing people. Its safe to say I don’t just like riding, I love it!