Style Rider, Faidon Christodoulou

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Faidon Christodoulou about mental health and vintage off-road riding.

Name: Faidon Christodoulou 

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Workshop Assistant, Rising Sun Workshop

Instagram: @faidonc @lostmotos

Today’s ride: 1981 Yamaha IT250

Describe your style: Relaxed and comfortable. Mainly wear black, greys and whites with a bit of warm colour. I love thought out, well-made clothes and do my best to steer clear of fast fashion brands.

Favourite items: Tellason work pant, Knickerbocker tee and Adidas Gazelle shoes.

Next purchase: Fisherman jumper from McTavish Surf.

Style icon/inspiration: I don’t really have a style icon but envy the effortlessly cool vibes from the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Steve McQueen, Randy Faker, Scruff Hamill, etc. You know, the guys who don’t try too hard to look good but they look good. Crew tee with weld holes and sweat stains tucked into Levi 501 kinda style. I aspire that look but my OCD gets in the way.

Best local ride: Late night ride from the Sydney CBD along the beaches to Mona Vale and back via McCarss Creek. All backroads, no shortcuts. 

Best distance ride: Riding from Sydney to Braidwood via the backroads to The Machine Show each year with a group of friends. Just magic!

Tip for stylish motorcycle riding: Get rid of the mirror and put on what you want. The less time you look in the mirror the less you will look like everyone else. Be you. 

Next motorcycle trip: Who knows. I can’t seem to pick one. Regardless, it will definitely be with my buddies from @lostmotos. 

Why do you like riding? I like riding because I like the way I feel when I’m on a motorcycle. Being on a motorcycle helps give my mind a break from the recurring drone of thoughts inside and forces me to be present. It’s meditation… I also really like engine noises, going fast and doing wheelies, which is why I primarily ride off-road.

Style Rider book to be published in 2020: To register for pre-orders, email, and we will notify you of pricing as the book approaches publication.

Faidon is the co-founder of Lost Motos, a group that focuses on men’s mental health within the motorcycling community and breaking down the stigma surrounding it.