Style Rider, Georgio Mauricio Rimi – BMW R100RS

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Sydney based coachbuilder and collector Georgio Mauricio Rimi.

Today’s ride: This is a heavily customised 1977 BMW R100RS with electrical upgrades, new front suspension from a Buell Lightning (customised to fit the 16inch radial disc brakes and 8 spot calliper) along with the conversion of the rear shock to allow for the radical new bodywork. I was inspired by Art Deco and the aerodynamic racecars of the 1920s and 30s. The bodywork took over 500 hours of metal shaping.

Describe your style: Vintage. The clothes I like to wear are unique, pulled together in my own particular style. Today I’m wearing a 1940’s USA made bespoke suit complete with the Union Made label. The fabric is a textured navy blue wool with a subtle red fleck. I am also wearing a 1940’s hand-painted tie, period-correct tie pin, and reproduction ‘gab’ shirt from Retrospec’d in Newton. As vintage is all about colour, I have 22 flecked sports jackets, wearing these in a relaxed way as they did in the golden era of Hollywood. As I am usually dirty from working on bikes and cars during the week, on the weekend, I like to dress for the occasion be that dinner nearby or at one of the vintage fairs. I have never felt overdressed and have the rule that if it makes me happy, I wear it. 

Favourite items: This Emstate paperboy cap modelled off a block from the 1920s. This was an era when people took pride in their appearance, dressing up to take their partner out. I also love my Hamilton reproduction Pacer watch. This was an iconic 1950s watch made famous by Elvis who wore it with flecked sports jackets and open-collared shirts.

Next purchase: A 1957 Alfa Romeo Guilia or an early 1960s Maserati. My next motorcycle project will be to create a modern electric bike with classic styling. 

Style inspiration: Automotive design from the 1940s and 50s and The Rocketeer cartoon from the 1930s. The latter was a stylish comic superhero where the theme of man and machine resonates. 

Best local ride: Wakehurst Parkway and up Mona Vale Road. I tend to stay local as I am still working through some of the mechanical issues the bike faces in high winds. 

Best distance ride: No time for longer trips as I work six days a week.

Tip for stylish riding: The great thing about vintage is that you can look a million dollars on a limited budget. Also, there is a real appeal to building and riding something that is genuinely unique. 

Next trip: Ride through Southern Italy and Sicily on a vintage Italian motorcycle; ideally a Moto Guzzi Californian. 

Why do you like riding? I like the sensation you get when you are one with the machine. Even when riding the BMW in high winds when the front end is moving about, it feels good to be in touch with the machine. 

Note: Georgio Mauricio Rimi is the co-owner of Motorretro Australia, a firm specialising in coach building (metal bodywork) and restoration of classic cars and motorcycles. He company is also responsible for the bodywork on the Deus x BMW R nineT custom ‘HEINRICH MANEUVER’ built by Jermey Tagand.