Alfalfa House, Community Food Cooperative

When you hear the word co-operative does your mind hark back to the ‘70’s even if you weren’t around then? Alfalfa House is a community food cooperative which has been offering locally-sourced, organic, chemical-free products for almost 30 years. Here, the more you do, the less you pay, so all items have three prices; one for (R)egular shoppers, one for (M)embers and an even cheaper price for (V)olunteers.

The organic range is immense from the expected fruit and veg, to coffee, slabs of chocolate and even toothpaste. The packaging ethos is minimal so be sure to bring your own containers for everything from oils to cereals, grains to shampoo, as well as the obligatory bag to carry everything home.

Address: 113 Enmore Road, Enmore | Web:

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