Coastal photography course

Photographer Paola Talbert runs an excellent Coastal Photography course available through the City East Community College. Known for her surreal underwater aesthetic, Paola has featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne over the past decade. This photography course is ideal for learning to capture those uniquely Sydney beach moments—the salt spray at dusk, surf lifesavers training at dawn, joggers on the beach—that are so fundamental to our experience of the city. While the course covered more than just how to take black and white images, it was tuition in this medium that I found most enlightening.

For anyone looking to elevate the standard of their photography, even if it is only for their Instagram account, I recommend starting with the Composition in Photography followed by Photography Fundamentals; the later is a pre-requisite for Coastal Photography.

Photography CoogeePhotography Coogee tree

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