Hotel Hotel, Canberra

We have sometimes struggled to find great accommodation in Canberra. Up until now the Hyatt Hotel was a good option but often felt slightly isolated. Hotel Hotel Canberra—open since late 2013—is a visually interesting, stylish addition to Canberra’s accommodation offering. Much has been written about the different designers, the mid-century furniture, the Aesop skincare in every room and the fact that the mini-bar is full of local wines, but for us the stand-out is that this hotel is warm.

In a one-bedroom apartment, staring out over the fog wafting off Lake Burley Griffin without the heat being turned on, this room was I’m-in-my-pyjamas-and-comfortable-warm. And in Canberra that counts for a lot….and it’s less than two blocks to walk to The Cupping Room.

Address: 25 Edinburgh Avenue, Canberra| Web:

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