Radical driver days, Eastern Creek Raceway

Radical has been building super-lightweight sportscars in England since 1997 and are one of the largest producers of racing and track cars in the world. At Eastern Creek, the ‘Radical Experience‘ caters for everyone from complete novices to seasoned racers with a series of 20 minute sessions. The Radical SR3 RS is powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine and delivers 220bhp through a six-speed sequential transmission. The combination of sticky tyres and down-force from the aerodynamics provides substantial grip, and with 0-100kph in 3 seconds (2.5g’s in the corners), it’s as fast as a V8 Supercar around Eastern Creek.

As a complete novice, the Radical Experience was a good one, providing the right amount of fear and adrenaline. The cars are fast, requiring you to keep focused on braking and accelerating smoothing in and out of the turns. The instructor does a great job of talking you through the circuit, encouraging you when you’re doing well, cautioning you when you brake too late. Recommended.