Sammy’s Kitchen, Canberra

I first went to Sammy’s Kitchen when it was on the other side of Bunda Street… which was a long, long time ago.

So let’s be clear about this. You go to Sammy’s for the food. The décor is ok. The tables are laminate. You are quite close to the people next to you. The service is efficient but you do sometimes have to chase things up. But order the Shan Tung chicken and none of that matters.

Once you’ve ordered the Shan Tung chicken, go ahead and try out the rest of the men. Order Fish kung po, hot rock salted prawns (or hot rock salted chicken if you don’t like prawns) sizzling Mongolian beef, sizzling deep fried fish in Chef’s special sauce and really the food is so good, the rest doesn’t matter.

And if you choose to finish with some deep fried ice-cream with caramel topping, well all the better.

Address:  Bunda Street, Canberra | Web: