Style Rider, Katerina Kulhankova – Triumph Street Scrambler

Style Rider focuses on the intersection of motorcycle culture and individual style. Here we speak to  Triumph Street Scrambler rider Katerina ‘Kat’ Kulhankova about matching your outfit to the style of bike and the sheer joy of motorcycle riding.

Name: Katerina Kulhankova

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Customer Support Consultant

Instagram: trumpy.kat

Today’s ride: 2021 Triumph, Street Scrambler 900. The bike is pretty stock. I’ve just added the Triumph centre stand, heated grips and head light grill, as well as a Dart flyscreen and Hepco & Becker luggage rack.

Describe your style: Most days urban, tomboy. I like my riding gear fairly casual and will more often than not be wearing denim and leather. In warmer months just a t-shirt and jeans.

Favourite items: Cashmere neck warmer by Black Arrow Moto from Shed of Threads, TCX X-blend vintage boots that look great and keep my feet dry in even the heaviest of rain. One piece that is not specifically riding gear but that I wear a lot is a tan Norton leather jacket. My partner bought it for me in the Norton Clothing shop just off Carnaby Street in London at the end of 2018. I also have few items, that I actually really like but don’t wear as often, including Uglybros jeans and Mexican made Gasolina boots. Today I’m wearing Ugly Bros pants, Solovair boots, Nexx helmet, t-shirt Liberta Moto, bracelet from Bike Shed in London, Black Arrow Moto riding shirt and Five gloves.

Next purchase: Most likely some new Black Arrow Moto gloves. I already have some of their gear—jacket, neck warmer and t-shirt—and really like their work. Maybe another jacket or a boiler suit from StellarMoto. I don’t really need anything new, but I am always looking….haha.

Style inspiration: Nothing or no one in particular, although I really like some outfits inspired by vintage Japanese/US work wear. Really, I can be inspired by anything that catches my eye and what appeals can change based on my mood so my style inspiration can change from day to day. Too bad dresses are not very practical on bikes as I love dresses.

Best local ride: A lot of Sydney riders would probably mention Royal National Park in the south or the Old Pacific Highway in the north. I do like these locations but I have become a bit bored with those rides. So I’d say somewhere a bit further like Macquarie Pass and Kangaroo Valley, Hunter Valley or the Blue Mountains. On the other hand I really like just exploring Sydney and the suburbs/areas I’ve not yet been to. Exploring is one of the things motorcycles seem made to do.

Best distance ride: Trip to, and around, Tasmania. My partner and I did it just before the first Covid lockdown and I can’t wait to ride there again. It’s a unique and stunning place. I feel very lucky having had the opportunity to experience it on a motorcycle.

Tip for stylish motorcycling: I don’t really see myself giving any advice to others but I do feel anyone will always look better on their bike if they match their riding style/outfit with the type of bike they ride.

Tip for best looking safe riding gear: There are some good brands out there making really good looking protective riding gear. It’s hard to mention just one brand or one piece of gear. So I’d say to go for high quality, safety accredited gear which appeals to your personal style.

Next motorcycle trip: Just a few days ago we decided on a short trip for a long-weekend in Canberra; a ride I haven’t done before. I’m excited about the trip but not so excited about the colder weather.

Why do you like riding? I bet you’ve heard this before. I love the sense of freedom and adventure I get when I ride my bike. I also enjoy the actual riding, handling the machine, learning every day how to ride better, becoming more confident and having more fun while still being safe. I also commute to work on my bike so I appreciate that I don’t have to sit on a train or bus with a bunch of other people who don’t really want to be sitting on a train or a bus.