The Cupping Room, Canberra

The Cupping Room by specialty Canberra coffee roaster Ona Coffee is a triumph of Mexican influenced food, great atmosphere and superior coffee. Immediately visible is their friendly, passionate approach to coffee with espresso and filter coffees, and special blends for their cappuccinos and flat whites. The flat white, filter and espresso coffees were the goods on both our visits while the cooking, including the Gallo Pinto (smoked paprika rice, black beans, corn, chorizo and egg) and Dragons Eggs (spiced avocado, poached eggs and spinach on sourdough) made for an interesting change from bacon and eggs.

The room itself is an absolute delight and a credit to the interior designer with its wooden frame windows on three sides and good ambience. Service was similarly good being both friendly and prompt making The Cupping Room one of the best coffees in Canberra and possibly the best overall cafe experience in the city right now.

Address: 1/13 University Ave, Canberra | Web: Facebook

Canberra Cupping Room sign Canberra Cupping Room machine

Our Rating

9 Coffee

7 Food

8 Service

8 Fit out

8 Atmosphere

8 Contribution to Better Living