Best Made knife sharpening kit

Best Made, one of my favourite camp goods companies, sells this USA made, Arkansas Bench Stone. Possibly the perfect “two-in-one” sharpening stone, it is housed in a lovely wooden box with rubber feet for stability. The bench stone is two-sided: a coarser grit to start with and a finer grit for finishing. This makes it ideal for sharpening their Higo pocketknife.

The Higo knife is a folding pocketknife made from laminated Japanese white steel with an usual tsuchime (hand-hammered) finish. Traditionally known as the Higonokami, the “Higo” knife has been produced by the Miyamoto Manufacturing Co. since the late 1920s. The Miyamoto Manufacturing Co. has continued the Higo tradition employing original forging techniques, stamping these versions for Best Made.

Best Made Higo knife

Our Rating

9 Functionality

9 Good looks

8 Contribution to Better Living