Cafe Rumah and 15 Sheets, Surry Hills

Cafe Rumah, ‘rumah’ roughly translating to ‘home’ in Malay, is a mixed-asian influenced cafe serving well-made coffee, tasty food and baked-to-order Madeleines. The space is actually two spaces; one dedicated to the cafe, the other a men’s clothing boutique named 15 Sheets. The latter sells a selection of mainly American and English brands including Save Khaki, Weekend Offender and some fabulous coated-paper trainers from UT Lab.

The cafe has a good feel about it with its bright mixture of polished concrete, white walls, blond wood furniture and three black pendant lamps hanging above the serving station. Highlights from the menu include the Our Roti John (a spiced beef and egg roll), a Chinese chicken salad, Issan quinoa and of course, the baked-to-order Madeleines. Cafe Rumah is a good concept, serving an asian influence menu alongside serious coffee from Cabrito Coffee Traders and home made treats. Worth checking out.

Address: 71 Campbell Street, Surry Hills | Web:

Cafe RumahCafe Rumah serving stationCafe Rumah 15 Sheets

Our Rating

8 Coffee

7 Food (general)

8 Baked-to-order madeleines

7 Fit out

8 Atmosphere

8 Service

8 Contribution to Better Living