Fiat Lombardi 850 Grand Prix

This 1969 Fiat Lombardi 850 Grand Prix was photographed at the Classic Throttle Shop who provided the below description of this unusual car.

Based on the Fiat 850 coupe and chassis the Lombardi was designed and built by Italian aviation builder Francis Lombardi. Using his aircraft construction experience he created his ‘Carrozzeria’ production. Boldly and with tongue in cheek Lombardi marketed this car under his own name and made the ‘Grand Prix’ moniker stick on a car that could just about reach 90mph. Carlo Abarth then joined forces with Lombardi to create an Abarth version, replacing the badges with the famous Scorpion symbols and tuning the car to reach 100mph.The Grand Prix was one of the last models produced by Lombardi.

This very rare factory right hand drive has been the subject of a complete restoration. The surprisingly loud exhaust note comes from a fully rebuilt ‘Abarth’ 1000 cc engine coupled with an Abarth exhaust system and restored differential. The rocker cover and inlet manifold have been coated and it has the correct OT sump and central auxiliary radiator. An electric fuel pump and oil filter conversion have also been completed. The interior is finished to a very high standard with refurbished seats and carpets and a superb three spoke ‘Ferraro’ steering wheel. The body has had a complete restoration and is finished beautifully in Yellow and sits on period ‘Ruspa’ alloy wheels.

Fiat Lombardi sideFiat Lombardi rear