Grampains National Park, Victoria

The Grampians Mountain Range comprise a series of five spectacular sandstone ridges running north-to-south in Regional Victoria. Rising abruptly from the surrounding Western Plains, the area offers a network of walking tracks allowing you to explore cascading waterfalls, spring wildflower displays and panoramic views in every direction. On a recent visit, we hiked Mount Abrupt, a 6.5km return trip from the carpark of the same name. The track is in reasonable condition and graded ‘hard’ due to its’ steep, rocky sections. Winding your way through heathy woodland and over rock slabs, you are continually presented with spectacular views of the National Park including the adjacent Signal Mountain and surrounding Western Plains. Along the ridge there are wedge-tailed eagles, nankeen kestrels and peregrine falcons to be seen swopping in the thermals. A visit between August and October will see the colourful spring wildflowers on display throughout the park, along with Grampians Boronia, Blue Pin-cushion Lily and a multitude of other herbs and shrubs. It is, however, the consistent panoramic views from all parts of the track that make Mount Abrupt one of my favourite, short-mountain treks.


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