Style Rider, Andy Rovenko – BMW R50

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Andy Rovenko about restoring a 1955 BMW R50 and creating your own sense of style.

Name: Andy Rovenko

Residence: Melbourne, Australia 

Occupation: Creative Technologist

Instagram: @rovenko

Today’s Ride: 1955 BMW R50. Back in the Ukraine, I restored a Soviet copy of this bike. I loved riding it. Unfortunately, it was stolen, leaving a small hole in my heart. Relocating to Australia, I found this bike in a Daylesford garage and spent nine months restoring it in my spare bedroom. It was a real rats nest but rides well now. There is something special about riding a vintage motorcycle in the modern era.

Describe Your Style: Random Time Traveler. I like to wear miss-matched clothes bought from everywhere; online, shops, charity stores and markets. Making disparate elements work together is what makes it interesting. 

Favourite Items: Individual pieces that evoke memories or have a history. Cool flea market finds, and things scored on my travels tend to tick that box.

Next Purchase: Likely an impulsive buy of some overlooked op-shop treasure.

Style inspiration: FRUiTS Magazine from Japan. 

Best Local Ride: Beach Road is right around the corner from me and outside of normal traffic hours it has a good flow for a vintage bike. And if you keep going, you will find yourself all the way down at point Nepean, which happened on way too many of my intended ‘short strolls’.

Best Distance Ride: The Yarra Ranges. There are so many awesome routes to be explored in this area, and with some luck, those picturesque twisties can be enjoyed with a lot fewer frustrations than some of the more well-known Victorian road trip destinations.

Tips for stylish riding: Channel your character to the max and hope you don’t turn out being the shorts and singlet type. Even plain boring is better than that.

Next motorcycle trip: Going back to Bayside would probably qualify, cause every outing feels like an adventure.

Why do you like riding? Because of the way it feels. Motorcycle riding is mindfulness without having to meditate.