Style Rider, Duey Kol – Yamaha TT250R

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Duey Kol about dirt bike riding and the unconscious inspiration of Lara Croft.

Name: Duey Kol

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Senior Site Admin at the Rozelle Interchange Project for John Holland

Instagram: @d_wyld_one

Today’s ride: Back home in Germany I was always into sports bikes with my last motorcycle there being a Suzuki GSXR600. When I’ve moved to Sydney I met a few legends like @jesse.chick and @cam.rogerss from the @deushouse and went to the Deus Swank Rally. Since then, I have met many more dirt bike enthusiasts like @scruffh from the @jerkyls, the @risingsunworkshop and @shedsofthreads. And that’s how I got into dirt bikes.

I’ve just purchased this 2000 model Yamaha TT250R in January after my DRZ400 was stolen. After only six weeks of owning the DRZ400, servicing it and putting on new tyres, that was pretty tough for me. So I bought this Yamaha to go off road; but it turned out to have an issue. Thankfully @markhawwa and @trackerandco helped me to get backup and running.

Describe your style: My everyday go to is mostly black, very casual and maybe a bit “tomboyish”. Unless I’m heading out for a nice dinner; then I prefer high heels and a classic black dress.  

Favourite items: My suede leather jacket purchased in 2012 from Windsor and my sunnies from @skram (pictured below).

Next purchase: A Triumph rider jacket and gloves from @blackarrow_moto. 

Style inspiration: I spontaneously went to a ‘Movie Characters’ dress up party last night and looking at my wardrobe I’ve realised maybe unconsciously Lara Croft is an inspiration. But I also like Kate Moss’s style in the 90’s for the day time and Monica Bellucci’s feminine elegance for the evenings.  

Best local ride: I love going off road in the Belanglo State Forest. It’s a great spot for dirt bike beginners and pros.  

Best distance ride: From the North to South of Vietnam in five weeks by myself on a Honda 100cc. It broke down at least every 100km but it was an unforgettable experience. The landscape and people’s kindness was absolutely breathtaking. 

Tip for stylish motorcycling:  I prefer to keep it simple and comfortable. This usually includes a few small riding accessories such as a cool sunny case (Skram) and other leather belt attachments like a key ring. 

Dream riding kit: Having the perfect gear to go off-road with a minimal amount of camping gear. Whatever the brand is I haven’t found it yet. If you have any tips let me know 😉  

Next motorcycle trip: I think I’m going to explore all roads around NSW first before I’ll start exploring other states. But one of my dreams is to ride thought Turkey and discover more about my heritage.  

Why do you like riding? As soon as I put my helmet on all those things I might be worrying about fall to the side and I’m in the moment. It makes me feel absolutely free, independent, powerful and so happy. If you could see me through my helmet you could definitely count all my teeth.