Style Rider, Luke Sommen

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Luke Sommen, founder of Hunter Scooters about high tops and riding something a little different.

Name: Luke Sommen

Residence: Sydney, Australia 

Occupation: Founder of the scooter lifestyle brand, Hunter Scooter

Instagram: @Huntedscooters

Today’s ride: 2020 Hunter Scooter Wraith 170cc

Describe your style: Future Retro

Favourite items: I love my collection of high tops and can’t pass up a unique jacket!

Next purchase: I am slowly shortening the list of parts for my first proper custom build. Next will be either a Koso LED speedo XR-01s or short Yoshi pipe.

Style inspiration: I’m lead more by themes, costume design and nostalgia. I love well-made pieces of clothing regardless of brand, and I appreciate unique details.

Best local ride: I love riding the beaches of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for their rugged stone cliffs, undulating hills and endless panoramas. From La Perouse to Camp Cove, the road is sometimes busy, but the view never gets boring!

Best distance ride: The Royal National Park run may only be 120 kilometres return, but on a scooter, that is a long way. The natural beauty along the ridge leading into the forest and back up to Stanwell tops is really quite exceptional. It was this road that birthed the idea of Hunter Scooter. 

Tip for stylish motorcycle riding: It depends on the season or the reason! I always advocate dressing for the slide, not the ride although sometimes there is freedom in ducking down to the beach in shorts and a T-shirt. On longer trips, my G-Star 3D motion tapered pants (pictured) and jacket with a pair of retro Jordan’s or some Nike flight lites.

Next motorcycle trip: I like to organise community rides. The next big ride will be through the Royal National Park with riders on all types of small machines; Hunter scooters and Honda Groms mainly.

Why do you like riding? It is one of the most reconnecting activities you can do in this overly connected world. I love the need to just focus on the road ahead without distraction. Without a bubble around you, you are free to see, hear and even smell the world around as you ride! Long rides are my form of meditation and short trips because it makes sense in the city.