Style Rider, Ramsey Sayed – Kawasaki

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Ramsey Sayed about finding your style and really owning it.

Name: Ramsey Sayed

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Operations Manager and Copywriter for @gentlemansride

Instagram: @ramseysayed

Today’s ride: 1983 Kawasaki KZ750, built by @spreadcheesefabrications. This is a particularly special bike. I’d seen Jimmy customise this thing within an inch of its life, with every iteration looking different to the last. He advertised it in a private group for sale as he was determined for it to go to a good home. I was looking for a new bike and had put a deposit down within an hour of it being online. That decision definitely speaks to my style; I just saw it, loved it, and bought it. I certainly gravitate to a good story so knowing Jimmy and his love for the bike really sold me.  I could see how much the bike meant to him when I walked in there, and I’m grateful to be able to carry that passion along with a few minor changes of my own. The second I sat on it, I knew it was for me. Despite how many kicks it takes to get started on cold mornings, and as pissed off as I may be in the moment, I just can’t get enough of it.

Describe your style: Casual and comfortable. I tend not to overdo it. Well-weighted and textured fabrics with a simple tee or button-down are my go-to, and in warmer months I’m definitely partial to a quality vest. I either know exactly what I’m going to wear, or I have absolutely no clue and just start with a single item. Today’s was the former, I just gravitated toward the double-denim Canadian Tuxedo.

Favourite items: I’ve never been one for favourites. It all depends on my mood. I tend to gravitate toward a few essential pieces like thinly striped or corduroy pants, selvedge denim, or a colour pop in a t-shirt or button-down.

Next purchase: I’m looking at the Belstaff Fieldmaster Jacket, and a slim quilted vest; something that can be layered to most weather situations.

Style inspiration: What I get inspired by are folks who are just uniquely themselves. I couldn’t care what you wear or what brand it is, but I love seeing people that ooze their own individual style. I find that pretty inspiring.

Best local ride: With the Royal National Park right at my doorstep, it’s definitely my best local ride. It’s that easy-thinking ride where I can just point myself south and haul ass.

Best distance ride: I certainly have a penchant for heading south and doing a full day’s run through the Royal National Park, up Macquarie Pass, and into Kangaroo Valley definitely gives me the feeling of release I’m looking for. 

Tip for stylish motorcycle riding: Just do you. Find your style and own it.

Next motorcycle trip: I have always wanted to make the trip down to the Great Ocean Road, although I think I’d need a bike more suited to long-distance rides for that journey.

Why do you like riding? I always knew I wanted to get on a bike, and honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for riding motorcycles. Some of my closest friends I have made from riding, and they are the only reason I have the opportunity to work with our two-wheeled community. The act of riding itself, though? It provides clarity. A day’s riding is like meditating, exercising, and exploring all in one. I ride to feel grounded and clear, and I ride to have time to be connected to my thoughts. People give motorcyclists a bad reputation, but we’re all just people who connect over a shared love of beautiful machines and going fast.