Style Rider, Tito and Alyce Moyse – URAL

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Tito and Alyce Moyse about personal style and getting married in their URAL sidecar.

Name: Tito & Alyce Moyse

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Instagram: @life_less_cereal (Tito) (Alyce)

Occupations: Paramedic, ‘Giving Back’ Ambassador for Himalayan Heroes, and occasional expedition medic (Tito). Pet sitter and Vocalist (Alyce).

Today’s ride: 2019 Russian outfit, IMZ-Ural Ranger

Describe your style (Tito): Usually Fat-wreck punk kid stuck in the 90’s meets rugged classic. I’ve basically spent the last couple of decades struggling to work out how pants are actually supposed to fit if they’re not baggy, falling apart, and tethered to my wallet. I love good, practical modern gear that has the best of todays’ technology with a classic used and worn personality. Waxed cotton bags with 100% guaranteed waterproofing are a case in point.

Fresh from our wedding, I’m a little more presentable today. I am still refusing to conform to wearing formalwear ‘correctly’. I’m in a custom fit wool/silk waistcoat and pants by Suitsupply, leather harness by Larsen Yard, and odd Dririder Urbans shoes. Bracelets are a collection of mementos from unforgettable experiences—visiting the Dalai Lama, Shaolin Temple, riding the Himalayas, Mongolia, Machu Picchu, etc. I’m also wearing a compass and pocket-watch which were wedding gifts from my wife.

Describe your style (Alyce): Today? Wedding chic? Not at all safe riding attire! My dress is by Tania Olsen Designs, the wedding cape is custom made by my mum; a Yvonne Schulte original! My shoes are a no brand Latin dance shoe with iridescent diamantes for the extra sparkle while the head piece is called ‘Freya’ by Nicoletta Carlone. Wedding ring custom made and designed by Kate McCoy, flowers by Inkie Blossoms.

My NORMAL riding style is more of a punk rat with a bit of a vintage pinup edge. Red Lipstick, black jeans, band t-shirt, red flanny, Heavy Hitter kevlar vest  and bronze Eldorado riding gloves.

Favourite items (Tito): It’s gotta be the pocket-watch and compass, right? I also love these Dririder Urban boots.

Favourite items (Alyce): Today it is my peach wedding cape hand made by my mum for our big day. My favourite item to ride in is the Heavy Hitter vest with custom wedding patch on the back.

Next purchase (Tito): Going small, an Icon Chamonix Vest and Oxford Heritage bags. Going big, a van to convert to a camper/bike carrier.

Next purchase (Alyce): Black Urban Dririder boots. I’ve never had a pair of proper riding shoes. These were the shoes Tito chose for his groomsmen and I have been obsessed about getting myself a pair! I’m also looking at a new helmet. At the moment, it’s a toss up between Biltwell Gringo ‘S’ in metallic seafoam or Biltwell Gringo ECE in Copper.

Style inspiration (Tito): I’ve drawn inspiration from no specific source. Growing up, I thought a biker had to look like an outlaw. Identical to the next guy. When I got into motorcycles all the stores and sites were telling me it all has to be all leather everything. I’d prefer something a little less typical. This question seems too complicated all of a sudden. I’m just gonna say Steve McQueen.

Style inspiration (Alyce): The badass women of The Litas and Throttle Dolls. It’s punk, it’s grunge, it’s red lipstick, leather and denim.

Best local ride (Tito): A lot of good memories on the Putty Road.

Best local ride (Alyce): Royal National Park. The first time we did this was for Throttle Roll and we have ridden it ever since. One of the most beautiful roads to ride.

Best distance ride (Tito): It’s hard to pick. Distance riding is my jam. I’ve done some of the most memorable rides in some of the most remote places on the planet. My favourite would probably be riding through Nepal. My best one-day distance ride is from Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne to Adelaide (1700km) on my Highball. It was a full-on 24 hours, but I felt so accomplished at the end of it and managed to raise a decent amount of money for a charity in the process.

My favourite solo distance ride overall has got to be the one on this Ural as soon as I picked it up. I took off straight down to Melbourne, then hugged the coast to Perth. It ended up being a 10,000km lap of the bottom of Australia in two weeks, getting back literally just in time to pick up Alyce, get dappered for Sydney DGR.

Best distance ride (Alyce): I am preparing for my first long distance ride in the side car for our Honeymoon! The furthest I have done are rally charity rides in Adelaide and NSW. Toy Runs, Gentleman’s Rides, Black Dog Rides and other overnighters.

Tip for stylish motorcycling (Tito): Brand new, shiny and expensive is not necessarily the way to go. Unless the look you’re going for is the ‘I just passed the test for my licence today’ look, don’t try too hard to look the part. Wear what you feel good in. THAT’s your style. Personally, I don’t usually even like polishing my bikes. I love a bike has seen some life. I love it even more if it looks like it barely made it back.

Tip for stylish motorcycling (Alyce): Do you! As a long time pillion rider its been hard to feel like you belong in a group of riders. I found myself more comfortable when I just went with what I liked to wear and what I felt safe yet sexy in. Any time I tried to dress a certain way I felt more and more on the outside or just a bit silly in the wrong thing. The most important thing is to find your normal style in riding clothes and you cant go wrong.

Dream riding kit (Tito): Custom made waxed canvas long sissy bar bag with modular add-on bags, matching tank cover and bags. For the URAL, full racks, ammo boxes, custom tank bags, hand-shifter and winch.

Dream riding kit (Alyce): Black Arrow Queen Bee motorcycle gloves in saffron, Clutch Moto high waisted black riding jeans, Hedon Heroine Classic helmet in knight white, red scarf, Blackbird British motorcycle trench, or fly by night motojacket with the fur collar.

Next motorcycle trip (Tito): It was supposed to be the Siberian Ice Run, but you know … global pandemic. It ruined plans for our honeymoon too. So instead, we’re literally gearing up right now to head for far-north QLD with no real plan for the honeymoon.

Next motorcycle trip (Alyce): We’re hitting the road up to far north Queensland on HONEYMOON! We’re gearing up the sidecar and taking a few weeks to ourselves. It will be my first long ride! Im excited, I think Tito is nervous to see if I can ‘pack light’ for a motorcycle trip.

Why do you like riding? (Tito) Riding, especially long distance, is my personal form of meditation. I hit flow. Being hypervigilant and fully aware of everything around me for long periods of time centres me and all peripheral thoughts fade. Sometimes this becomes very necessary. To be honest, my favourite thing is breaking down on my own in the middle of nowhere and having to calmly figure out how to fix the situation or come up with a plan with no one there to bitch to. It sounds strange but it really makes the trip for me.

Why do you like riding? (Alyce) When we first started it was the silence in the wind. When Tito got his first bike, rides together were special. We didn’t have comms so we communicated other ways. Some of my favourite moments riding with Tito are his hand reaching back to rub my knee to make sure I was OK. For me, riding is our time together. It’s relaxing. It’s the wind on your face and the open space around your body. Its getting somewhere feeling accomplishment that you made the journey on a bike, its hard but that makes it fun.