Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo

Of all the wonderful dining experiences we had in Japan, the ultimate for us was the three Michelin-starred sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro. Made famous in the film Jiro Dreams of Sushi, 89 year-old Jiro is still hand-making each piece alongside his son who selects and slices the fish. What can you say about an eight-seater restaurant in a train station that has three Michelin stars?

Sukiyabashi Jiro comes with a big reputation and honestly; it lived up to my hopes, often exceeding them. It is almost surreal to think that 20 courses of sushi are served and eaten in less than 40 minutes. Of all the twenty dishes, there are four that stood out as being particularly mouth-watering; the fatty tuna, Jack Mackerel, Bonito and omelette. While it should be noted that not everyone loves this kind of high-speed dining, this is an experience I am grateful to have had.

Our Rating

10 Food

10 Attention to detail

8 Service

7 Environment

9 Contribution to Better Living