The Real McCoy’s, Japan

One of the joys of visiting a true megacity is the depth of its niches. In Japan, practically every interest is explored and this means stores selling the highest quality denim, leather, lacquer and ceramics. A favourite of mine is The Real McCoy’s in Tokyo. Offering insanely high quality denim and leather goods, the main image is of a 14.3 oz raw denim reproduction of a WWII jacket with single patch pocket and cinch back. Stiff like cardboard when new, it has developed a nice patina with age, looking even better as it has worn in.

The other item pictured is a serviceman shirt from their SS16 range. Made of 7.5 oz raw denim, the cloth smelt faintly of indigo when purchased; this disappeared in the first wash. And this is one of the impressive things about The Real McCoy’s; you are offered a washed version to try on so that you know what it will look like, and importantly, how it will fit. An obvious, yet brilliant piece of service that typifies their attention to detail.

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Our Rating

9 Quality of manufacture

9 Attention to detail

8 Style

8 Store fit out

8 Service

9 Contribution to Better Living