The Skippy Girls, Redfern

Walking along Wilson Street, you find the famed Redfern ‘Skippy Girls’ series, a charming street art project by Rosie that runs on eastern side of the wonderful Eveleigh Markets. The artist painted these childlike illustrations directly onto the corrugated iron fencing more than a decade ago; their ongoing existence, a testament to the charm they exude. Here we feature three of the works, yet there are many more to enjoy on your next visit to the area.

Note: Many thanks to Melinda for letting us know that the artist was Rosie and to Matt for providing a link to Rosie, aka Rosemary Strachen’s website. On her website, Rosie describes the process of creating the Skippy Girls as follows;

‘The very first skippy girl I ever painted way back when i think it was 1995. I painted her with a sock and some paint donated by a neighbour. Then with more donations I just kept going down the street. Over the years I’ve been back three times with friends to update the girls, locals and friends have enthusiastically pitched in. I love the skippy girls they were inspired by a ceramic tile/mosiac installation I came across outside a London primary school in 93.’

Skippy Girls 2 Skippy Girls 1Skippy Girls 5 Skippy Girls 4