How to make the perfect AeroPress coffee

AeroPress, an immersion method of brewing filter style coffee, is for many of Sydney’s best baristas their preferred method of brewing coffee at home. We talked with Dylan Johnson, 2014 Australian AeroPress champion, head barista at Paramount Coffee Project and all-around nice guy about how it’s done.

You will need: a kettle, scales, AeroPress, filter papers, lightly roasted coffee beans, grinder and cup to drink from. Note: Dylan makes his AeroPress in the upright method.

  1. Measure and grind 14 grams of fresh coffee for 200 grams of water (one cup). The ground coffee should be about as fine as course sand.
  2. Place the filter paper inside the AeroPress’s plastic filter, lock into the chamber and place on cup. Rinse filter paper with hot water which also heats the cup. Place cup on scales with AeroPress sitting on top. Add coffee and set scale to zero.
  3. Bring water to the boil and leave for a minute (94 degress if you have a thermometer).
  4. Add the first 50 grams of water, starting the timer and stirring vigorously to ensure all the coffee is wet. At 30 seconds add another 50 grams of water and at 60 seconds add the reminding 100 grams stirring vigorously once again. Insert plunger once finished stirring.
  5. Finally, at 90 seconds, slowly plunge for between 30-60 seconds. It is important not to rush as this affects the flavour.
  6. Drink and enjoy.

PCP Aeropress

Our Rating

9 Taste (when executed correctly)

7 Ease of method

10 Sense of satisfaction while drinking the perfect cup

9 Contribution to Better Living