Creative Orchestrators: Ashley Lim of Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Ashley Lim is a Sydney-based architect, designer and founder of the Korean/Australian shoe brand ‘Extraordinary Ordinary Day’. Extraordinary Ordinary Day philosophy is that stylish, memorable and elegant shoes can also be comfortable and effortlessly transition from workday to night out.

“It’s all about details,” says creative director and head designer Ashley Lim. “Many women complain their feet get wider after 8 hours of standing and walking, and the last thing they want is to slip their feet into a pair of fancy yet uncomfortable shoes to go out.”

Each of her shoes are hand-crafted and made with the vision of women feeling sexy without compromising on comfort. Extraordinary Ordinary Day takes great pride in the quality of materials and finishes. Its products are hand-made in South Korea with an architect’s sensibility. South Korea is readily developing as an incubator for creative talents from fashion and industrial design to contemporary architecture.

‘If ‘luxury’ is defined as a state of superior comfort and elegance, then it is our commitments to bring luxury to everyday necessity hence celebrate our ordinary day extraordinary.’

Expect to see more from Ms Lim in 2015.

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