Red Cow Farm Garden, Sutton Forest

As anyone who lives in a city can tell you, there are times when it is just blissful to escape.

If you’re feeling trapped in Sydney, then you might want to consider a drive down to Red Cow Farm in Sutton Forrest. The name is slightly mis-leading as they only cows to be seen are on the other side of the fence, instead it is 2.5 hectares of well-planned garden that surprises and delights. You can wander aimlessly through structured, formal gardens into areas that feel wilder and more relaxed and then back into formality again. Huge hedges provide shady areas and there are plenty of benches for you to just sit and enjoy the tranquility.

Red Cow Farm was created in 1820, when ex-convict George Sewell was granted a parcel of land in the village of Sutton Forest, naming the property Red Cow Farm and identifying the red Hereford cows grazing in the surrounding paddocks. In 1990, the current owners Ali Mentesh and Wayne Morrissey bought the property and set out creating the garden that flourishes here today.

Red Cow Farm is open 8 months of the year from late September to May and is a lovely way to spend a morning before heading into Berrima for lunch.

Address: 7480 Illawarra Highway, Sutton Forest | Web:

Our Rating

8 Garden design and composition

10 Achievement (converting farmland to a garden oasis)

8 Ability to instil a sense of wonder

8 Contribution to Better Living