Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, 2019

2019’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride showcase Sydney’s most stylish motorcycle riders on their custom and classic steeds. There was plenty of posing at the new Bondi Beach venue before the crew of 500 or so bikes headed off with a roar into the eastern suburbs, across the Sydney Harbour Bridge before reconnecting at Belmore Park. As with previous years, the day was filled with camaraderie and good cheer with the organisers doing a great job of keeping the event safe while raising money for a worthy cause.

The addition of well-dressed female riders has brought a delightful element to the event, making it equal parts show and shine, fashion parade and charity event. This year, I focused more on the riders and their superb outfits. This is a natural extension from the addition of ‘The Style Rider‘ portraits to the website, focusing on the intersection of motorcycles and style.

Note: you can see images from 2013 here, 2015 here, 2017 here, and 2018 here.