Style Rider, Pete Lomas – Yamaha SR500

Style Rider aims to document the world’s most stylish motorcycle riders, be they riders of classic, custom or cafe racer steeds. Focused on the intersection of motorcycle culture with individual style, here we speak to Sydney based healthcare consultant Pete Lomas about his take on stylish city riding.

Name: Pete Lomas

Instagram: @mister_pete

Today’s ride: A 1988 Yamaha SR500 custom called ‘Black Betty’ with black rims, Firestone tyres and a muffler that reminds me of an AK47.

Describe your style: I’m an urban rider, and for me, this means slim dark ACNE jeans, Belstaff leather jacket, Frye boots, Frédérique Constant watch, random tattoos and Epokhe sunglasses.

Favourite items: Frye boots. I own three pairs of these, and they come pre-distressed. The brand made boots back in the US Civil war era and was restarted a few years back.

Next purchase: The BMW R18 cruiser. I am looking for something a little more powerful for longer rides.

Style inspiration: The movie Greece. Although not something I consciously think about; however, I watched this film a lot growing up and seem to have put together a wardrobe that would fit in well in the movie. I like t-shirts with higher sleeves, tight black jeans and leather jackets.

Best local ride: New South Head Road to Bondi Beach.

Best distance ride: Mudgee to Brisbane via the back roads.

Tip for stylish riding: Just be cool. Bikes are there to be enjoyed.

Next trip: Sydney to Amsterdam is the dream. We’ll see if my life allows it.

Why do you like riding? It clears my head after a long day at work. And it just feels cool.