How to make the perfect CCD coffee at home

The Clever Coffee Dripper (CCD) is a free standing, one-to-two cup filter with an internal valve that keeps your brew from drawing down until you activate it by placing it on your cup. This means that you can effectively control the variables of your brew including grind size, volume of coffee versus volume of water, water temperature and the brew time when the coffee and water are in contact. We speak to Sean McManus at Surry Hills roaster Single Origin for tips on making the perfect CCD filter coffee at home.

Step one: Place filter paper—edges folded over for a better fit—in CCD and rinse with hot water.

Step two: prepare 14 grams of coffee for one cup or 28 grams two cups, ground at 8 clicks from tightest (finest) setting on the Hario ceramic slim hand grinder (note freshly ground beans significantly increase the flavour of your brew).

Step three: Place ground coffee in filter paper, resting the CCD on your bench or scales.

Step four: Start timer and pour in hot water (91 degrees or approximately 30 seconds off the boil with kettle lid off) adding double the volume of water to grounds and leave for 30 seconds lid on.

Step five: Gently add in water up to 220/440 grams (one cup or two cups) in a circular fashion replacing the lid until 1.35 seconds on the timer.

Step six: Take off lid and stir in concentric fashion before replacing the lid. Place CCD on your cup/vessel ensuring it can hold all the liquid. The water will begin to run through the CCD leading to a total immersion time of 4 minutes.

Step seven: Pour and enjoy the subtle flavours of a well made filter coffee at home.


1. You can be as technical as you like. The best results come from preparing the coffee as above on a scale—Hario make a good one—to get the measurements exactly right. I cannot overstate the difference this makes.

2. To get the best out of brewing filter coffee, buy a lighter roast as it allows the subtle flavours to shine, ones that are not usually detectable in heavier espresso style roasts.