Lowe Winery and Cellar Door, Mudgee

Lowe Winery and Cellar Door is an idyllic place to spend a warm spring afternoon in the shade of the vines. Farmed according to the Luna calendar, these organic and bio dynamic wines that are hand-picked off the vines meaning the skin is not broken and less sulphites required in the production process. An example of this reduction can be seen in their Shiraz which has less than 20% of the normal sulphite levels while their Petit Vehdot contains zero sulphates. I am reliably informed that the lower sulphite level reduces the likelihood of getting a headache after drinking wine; I’ll leave that to you to test the efficacy of this claim.

The ethos at Lowe is simple; improve the soil through better farming techniques translating into better tasting wines. The Cellar Door is open seven days a week and offers a tasting plate of salumi, olives, bread, salad leaves and cheese to accompany their wines. The garden is an absolute delight and feels so relaxing sitting under the shade while drinking in the views over the beautiful vineyards. It should be noted that there is also an excellent restaurant called The Zin House positioned 150m past the Cellar Door.

Address: Tinja Lane, Mudgee | Web: lowewine.com.au/aboutlowe/cellardoor

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