Motorcycle ride, Sydney to Mudgee

Riding your motorcycle on empty country roads is one of life’s purest joys. Add in a group of friends and you have a the makings of a great weekend away. This trip comprised an overnight ride from Sydney to Rylstone, taking in the Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Mudgee. Setting off early in the light rain the route became chilly as we traversed the Blue Mountains before making our way down the mountain to Mudgee. The clouds parted with the warmer weather greatly appreciated as we left the mountains behind.

Riding from Lithgow to Mudgee you crest a hill and laid out before you is Windamere Dam. It looked beautiful in the midday sun and is well-worth finding a spot to stop and take it in the view. Onwards through Mudgee for lunch at the Lowe’s Winery and Cellar Door—see our review here—before checking out the motorcycle museum at Robert Stein Winery. Comprising a collection of bikes ranging from the 1920’s to the 1970’s, it includes the lovely Douglas pictured along with models from B.S.A., A.J.S., Matchless, BMW, Triumph, Norton and Excelsior.

From Mudgee, it is a 90km ride through the open countryside to the town of Rylstone and our accomodation for the night. Rylstone has some lovely old buildings, a steel and brick railway bridge and two good pubs; just the thing after a long ride. The next morning started early in the mist with a ride along the winding roads of Windamere Dam. This route was taken with great care due to a number of kangaroos jumping out in front of the bikes, providing the riders with a few heart stopping moments. The mist burnt off to reveal a beautiful day for the ride back over the mountains before returning to Sydney.

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