The Incinerator, Willoughby

The Incinerator is smart Willoughby cafe somewhat vaguely related to The Grounds of Alexandria. Taking over the old Walter Burley Griffin designed facility, you can expect good food, well-made coffee and a family friendly atmosphere suitable to the area. The internal space is well-designed, spilling out onto a large outdoor area while the menu features seasonal produce cooked in the kitchen’s wood-fired oven. Try the Harissa smoked salmon or sweet potato rosti and follow your meal with an exploration of the building (including the basement art space) and surrounding parklands. The sculpture below is called ‘Exoskeleton Lift’ by Richard Goodwin.

Address: 2 Small Street, Willoughby | Web:

Incinerator sculpture Incinerator tower

Our Rating

8 Design of the site

9 Art work (Exoskeleton Lift)

7 Atmosphere

7 Food

7 Coffee

7 Contribution to Better Living