Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach is known for its bohemian spirit, street performers and colorful murals. In addition, there is a boardwalk which stretches about one and a half miles to Santa Monica, a skate park and the muscle beach outdoor gym. On weekday mornings, the boardwalk and beach are relatively empty. This all changes on the weekends when there are hundreds of street vendors and performers competing for your attention. Here you can see everything from break-dancing to broken glass walking, mimes to musicians, jugglers to jesters. It must be noted that Venice has a seedy side with tattoo and piercing stores, medical marijuana dispensaries and a scattering of crazy homeless people. It is possibly this mix of the seedy and sexy that has made Venice Beach so famous. Looking back on these images, it is the colour of the light that stands out to me along with the wide variety of ways people earn their living.