A guide to Spring cleaning your life

It’s Spring in the southern hemisphere; a time for outdoor living, lighter layers and a general refresh of our homes, closets and lives. Below is our list of suggestions for better living in spring, along with a list of things to be tackled at this time of the year.

Wardrobe change over. It is time to put away the heavy wools and tweeds in favour of cottons and lightweight wool, unlined blazers. Pulling out the brighter coloured cottons and lighter weight shoes is one of my favourite tasks each year. Loafers, boat shoes and canvas sneakers take the place of heavier boots and brogues, and our ankles get to feel the breeze without the risk of being frozen off in the name of fashion. Do this before you go shopping as you will be amazed how much great stuff you already have, and feel justified spending a little more on the new, quality pieces.

Dry-clean all your winter clothes now to ensure they are in tip top condition when the temperature drops next year. Also, if you live in Sydney, a visit to Culla Change will revitalise last year’s spiring/summer clothes that are faded, yet in good physical condition.

Become healthier. It’s time to loose that comfortable winter layer. Do not leave it until you actually go swimming. Lighter meals and daily exercise are the way to ensure you are looking and feeling your best this summer.

Lighter food. South East Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediteranian foods are the way to ensure you still enjoy your food. We are so blessed living in Australia with an incredible food diversity. Get into the lighter dishes at this time of the year. They feel better and are more suited to keeping you in shape.

Water; beach, harbour, lakes and bays. This is the time of year to enjoy the incredible advantages of living on a massive island. Get out there and make the most of it. This year learn to surf, swim or kayak.

Spring cleaning. Whizz around the house, giving it a good scrub and make sure you do the windows. Plant new trees, flowers, herbs and veggies and make sure you have your shade in place to enjoy the summer.

Lastly, celebrate the warmer weather with a more refreshing drink. Manhattans and Old Fashioned’s are ideal during the colder months. However, at this time of the year, it’s best to switch to crisp white wines, G&T’s, Dark & Stormy’s and quality beers.