Batch Brewing Company, Marrickville

Batch Brewing Company

I’ve got a very clear definition of whether I love a place or not. It’s something that probably comes with being a creative person. I’ve always had a huge passion for interior design, architecture and food. When we were drawing the floor plans for our family houses, or furnishing them, combined with my constant suggestions for dinner I always had a finger in the pie. If I love a place when I step into its universe I get this instant sensation saying, “I would love to own and run a place like this”. That’s what defines whether this is a one night stand or a long term relationship for me.

Americans Chris and Andrew are the architects behind this quirky warehouse brewery concept on Sydenham Road in Marrickville. Don’t expect a fancy bar trying to look rough – this place is rough. It’s the feeling of “we’ll just use what we find”, and charmingly Batch has got all you need. The counters and tables are made of pallets and concrete slabs, some old school leather couches has been thrown in on top of worn Persian mats and the lighting is industrial. However, the brewery is state of the art along with the brand identity which is spot on. A relaxed crowd and relaxed interior creates the perfect setting for a relaxed atmosphere – and that is how I love having my beer. I tasted the Wardell Nut Brown Ale, the American Pale Ale, the Common Ale but fell for the Cascade Ipa which I brought home for my Pork Belly. You can buy all brews in 50cl bottles, or you can get a 2L refillable bottle to bring with you every time you come back.

Address: 44 Sydenham Road, Marrickville | Web:

Oh! Rumor says the guys at Batch Brewing Company bring out the BBQ during the weekends.

Our Rating

8 Ambiance

7 Beer

9 Contribution to Better Living