Margate, Kent

Margate is a coastal town in Kent, and a  2 hour drive from central London. It has amazing history, think Turner, T.S Elliot, loads of artists and intellectuals visited Margate, in the 20’s and 30’s it was a great place for influencing artist from all over the world. The ‘Turner Gallery’ is a must see, and describes how the the afternoon light / sunset had such an effect on paintings and photographs. Margate is unfortunately looking a bit tied these days, and has become quite commercial, and has lost some of it’s appeal, but still has a special feeling to it, and feels a bit like going back into time.

The ‘Old Town’ is a great place for drinks, food, and a nice cup of tea. The Mad Hatters Tea Room is a great experience, and apparently influenced Tim Burton in the making of Alice in Wonderland. If your looking for a great wine bar / pub, The Lifeboat is a nice cosy place for an English Wine (Yes, they actually make a nice wine, from Kent) and pie n mash.