Suzie Q Coffee + Records, Surry Hills

Suzie Q is a casual cafe mixing owner and ex-DJ Jordan’s love of music with good coffee and tasty food. Quality ingredients are on show here with breads from Brickfields and granola from boutique maker Farmer Jo’s. The atmosphere is friendly, with good service from the staff and an owner who knows most of his customers by name. Built from scratch on the site of an old loading dock, the space makes good use of warm wooden benches, polished concrete floors and windows which open in the warmer months, and are kept blissfully closed in winter.

Well chosen, old school jazz plays in the background (all music is for sale) rounding out a consistently pleasing experience.

Address: 1/18 Hutchinson Street, Surry Hills | Web:

Suzie Q interior Suzie Q Jordan

Our Rating

9 Music

8 Atmosphere

8 Fit out

7 Coffee

8 Food

8 Contribution to Better Living