Road Trip | London to Champagne

London to Champagne Region in France in only 6 hours by car. It’s an amazing journey that can be done in a long weekend, thanks to the brilliant EuroTunnel / Train you can simply drive your car onto the train, and only takes only 30 minutes to get from Dover (London to Dover in 2 hours) to Calais France.

The roads in France are great, once you get use to driving on the left-hand side… The motorway to Champagne only takes 3 hours, and then you are in the amazing Champagne region, with vineyards and amazing countryside, and the ocasional Chateau to visit along the way.

There is a great range of Champagne houses that you can visit, and tastings available in most of them, ranging from the larger houses, such as Moet & Chandon, where you can do a complete tour, to smaller producers, which are more personalised and relaxed.

There are some great / affordable accommodation options including B&B type accommodation, including the stunning Château de Juvigny – Main photo.